[rc5] How to get win32 client to send while already online

Robert A. Costner pooh at efga.org
Mon Nov 10 13:40:28 EST 1997

At 07:18 PM 11/10/97 +0100, Christian Holmqvist wrote:
>At 12:58 1997-11-10 -0500, you wrote:
>>	threshold=200:5
>If I havn't missunderstod everything this is not a very good solution
>because, if the computer detects network connection it will upload the out
>buf and the refill the in buf so there still will be 200 blocks in the in
>And becouse the bufs are lifo ques there will be blocks in the bottom that
>never will be preformed... or?

I've noticed the LIFO irritation.  I have my desktop machine set for 40:3,
which will allow me to run offline for awhile, but tends to get some blocks
back every hour or so.  I made a point of flushing my buffer last night.

But, "lost" blocks at the bottom of the buffer are not statistically
significant.  Bovine claims that lost blocks will be tested when the
keyspace end is reached.  While the attack in preceding in order, it does
not matter statistically which ordering method if any is used.  Random
blocks will work just as well, but suffer from a potential duplication
problem.  No point in wasting processor time with duplicates on purpose.

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