[rc5] FYI - Possible PerProxy problem

jpearl at qsi.com jpearl at qsi.com
Fri Nov 7 22:58:26 EST 1997

Okay - here's the story as short as I can make it. I use the perproxy to
gather blocks and stats from about 5 machines here at home (yep, my dime).
Once the WIN32 PerProxy showed up (64bit - build 2509) I began using it
rather than using batch jobs. A couple of days ago I dumped a bunch of
blocks from floppy through the proxy and noticed that, unlike the old 56
proxy, I saw no backlog of keys piling up. My avg was growing but no
backlog and no modem lights either. Thinking this was weird I checked the
stats and found that starting early the previous day (when I started the
proxy) no blocks had come in. I then checked my proxy log. It dutifully
said I'd sent in the blocks and while checking I find an IP address that
did NOT belong to me that (apparently) reported through my proxy using my
Email! (jvp at qsi.com) The IP was -> and when I hit it using a
browser found something that looked like a Distributed site including a
list of clients. I do not know much more about the site except that a Trace
came up with a Neologic something or other company. That night I made a
backup copy of the blocks I'd sent in and crossed my fingers. Something

Tonight I checked my stats again - everyone else had blocks checked in
today but mine has yet to update from the 6th. Did I mention that I
reported this to RC5 help? No response from anyone yet including a couple
of CC:s I also used. IRC gave me no definitive answers either but at least
I felt like someone was listening and cared, perhaps I'm the first noticing
this? Before I'm asked - No, I don't get the Proxy list as I've never
needed it and have no firewall issues - I get enough mail as it is.

Anyway - it looks like I've lost about two and a half days worth of work at
about 1 Million keys per second. Tonight I managed to dump my backed up
blocks along with a hundred more or so - my fingers are crossed and I've
trashed the proxy. Has anyone else had problems with the proxy? I had
trouble once before with the 56 proxy and reported it only to get a letter
telling me I'd reported it wrong - pthh. A second look at my logs that
night for the 56 proxy confirmed I'd lost blocks (over a hundred) but I
didn't see fit to pursue it and didn't need to hear the attitude. This time
it's many more blocks and I'd like to make sure I'm not the only one
looking closely at this. Below is a chunk out of my logs with the weird
IPs, I've got no explanation as to how they got there and unless the stats
are hosed I'm pretty sure the blocks weren't checked in. If any of the
"powers that be" would like me to send them my log to get thgose blocks
into the system I'd be willing to send it.

I suppose this is a good time to mention how important those stats can be
to those who don't care about them. I'm not bitching about them being
"down" and I understand the problems - I'm just mentioning that without
them I'd never have noticed this, thank you Nugget....

00:51:03,,jvp at qsi.com,646AEA5B00000000,268435456,1,1,6401
00:58:01,,jvp at qsi.com,641F072D10000000,268435456,1,1,6401
00:58:02,,jvp at qsi.com,641F0744E0000000,268435456,1,1,6401
00:58:03,,jvp at qsi.com,641F074610000000,268435456,1,1,6401
00:58:05,,jvp at qsi.com,641F074850000000,268435456,1,1,6401
00:58:06,,jvp at qsi.com,641F074880000000,268435456,1,1,6401
00:58:07,,jvp at qsi.com,641F074AB0000000,268435456,1,1,6401

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