[rc5] FYI - Possible PerProxy problem

Justin Cave jocave at MIT.EDU
Mon Nov 10 17:27:57 EST 1997

At 10:58 PM 11/7/97 -0500, jpearl at qsi.com wrote
| Okay - here's the story as short as I can make it. I use the
perproxy to
| gather blocks and stats from about 5 machines here at home (yep, my
| Once the WIN32 PerProxy showed up (64bit - build 2509) I began using it
| rather than using batch jobs. 
| Anyway - it looks like I've lost about two and a half days worth of
work at
| about 1 Million keys per second. 

There is an acknowledged bug in that build of the Win32 proxy.
Download the latest build (2513 I believe).  That should fix the
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