[rc5] Thinking of an Alpha

James Johnson plexus at seanet.com
Mon Nov 10 17:03:20 EST 1997

Well the guy said $1200 for 256megs. Doing simple arithmetic, that works
out to 

$1200/256meg = $4.6875/meg

So perhaps ECC can be had for $4/meg in great enough quantities.

At 07:15 PM 11/10/97 -0500, Brian Neal wrote:
>>     $4/MB for RAM...  How much do you *think* it's supposed to cost?
>The only kind of RAM that will go into an alpha is ecc, as is the same for
>many highend workstations.  ECC has error correction built in so it can
>report dirty bits and other things (I believe)...  In any case, this stuff
>is a
>great deal more than $4/MB...

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