[rc5] Thinking of an Alpha

Eric Gindrup gindrup at okway.okstate.edu
Mon Nov 10 20:11:51 EST 1997

     First, that estimate is from the poster's own message.  Second, from a 
     random memory advertisement (in the 18 November 1997 PC Mag, p. 67): 
     168-pin (DIMM), 4x72 (ECC)
        32MB: $139   64MB: $293
     First items on PriceWatch (www.pricewatch.com) in 
     System Memory :: EDO 64MB:
        EDO ECC (  buffered): $199
        EDO ECC (unbuffered): $224
     System Memory :: ECC 128MB
        EDO ECC (unbuffered): $589
        EDO ECC (  buffered): $599
     128MB DIMMs are still a little exotic and thus slightly inflated.  
     But, there's nothing in here that leads me to believe that $4/MB is 
     unreasonable for ECC EDO memory.
     :)  I don't seem to find ECC SDRAM specifically listed.  I do, 
     however, find a lot of lunatic vendors who seem to think $10/MB is a 
     reasonable starting price.
     Finally, the biggest deal for ECC (anymore) is to correct transmission 
     errors on the bus.  As bus (and chip) voltages get lower, they will be 
     more susceptible to transmission interference (from their own 
     emissions, usually) and the extra error correcting code bits help to 
     recover transmissions that are incorrect in only one bit.  
     Comparatively, very few errors occur on the chips.
            -- Eric Gindrup ! gindrup at okway.okstate.edu

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>     $4/MB for RAM...  How much do you *think* it's supposed to cost?
The only kind of RAM that will go into an alpha is ecc, as is the same for 
many highend workstations.  ECC has error correction built in so it can 
report dirty bits and other things (I believe)...  In any case, this stuff 
is a
great deal more than $4/MB...
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>It isn't easy or cheap, it cost me $1,200 to buy 256MB of ram for the 
>damn thing!

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