[rc5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #211 (Stats status)

Mike Silbersack silby at execpc.com
Mon Nov 10 23:52:51 EST 1997

> Wow, look at the time....... It is 9:15 PST and the STATS ARE STILL
> OFFLINE. What has gone wrong with this picture ? Do I sound negative,
> I am  sorry, I have been with this effort since day 27 and have been
> behind it 110% , I have even offered a server for a full proxy but has
> anyone ever followed up and NOT dropped the ball. I would say NOT !!
> Disappointed,
> -Frank Basso
> Systems Engineer

There is a reason that the stats server did not come online as planned
earlier tonight; the new stats server has been built, and the process of
moving the stats over has begun.  As a result, the decision was made to
spend effort configuring the new server rather than putting the old one
online and having to fight with two systems.  As soon as the new server is
completely setup, the stats will be back up and running with quite
impressive speed.

We apologize for the delay, but we're sure you'll be happy with the end

Mike "Silby" Silbersack
Distributed.net Tech
Support Representative

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