[rc5] Stats Hosting

James Byers jwb19 at cornell.edu
Tue Nov 11 01:08:01 EST 1997

	On the topic of finding sufficient bandwidth and server space for various
stats and proxy purposes, why not turn to support from the many
Universities involved in the distributed.net challenge?  There are a number
of big schools very actively involved in the challenge (Cornell, Brown,
MIT, Notre Dame, not to mention schools overseas).  Here at Cornell, it
would not be hard to get support for an RC5 site or mirror.  The few
faculty and staff here I have spoken too have shown tremendous interest in
the project.  The bandwidth and server space would be more than sufficient,
and more importantly, free.  

	As for my impression of my first 5 days of being on this list, I can only
hope that the current malaise is not symptomatic of a more pervasive
disease.  It would truly be a shame to waste the work of thousands of
volunteers because of bickering, infighting, and closed lines of

	If any of the above mirrors previous mailing list content, I apologize.

	James Byers
	Team Big Red
	Cornell University
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