[rc5] Stats Hosting

Mike Silbersack silby at execpc.com
Tue Nov 11 00:37:17 EST 1997

> 	On the topic of finding sufficient bandwidth and server space for
> stats and proxy purposes, why not turn to support from the many
> Universities involved in the distributed.net challenge?  There are a
> of big schools very actively involved in the challenge (Cornell, Brown,
> MIT, Notre Dame, not to mention schools overseas).  Here at Cornell, it
> would not be hard to get support for an RC5 site or mirror.  The few
> faculty and staff here I have spoken too have shown tremendous interest
> the project.  The bandwidth and server space would be more than
> and more importantly, free.  

The problem with the stats distribution is this:  They can't be effectively
mirrored with the current system.  The process of using a proxy server to
cache the pages has already been implemented; it doesn't work well enough,
because the pages are updated hourly.  The idea of mirroring the entire
database isn't feasible either, as it would take up just as much bandwidth
to transfer the database back and forth between servers.  For now, the
solution of moving the server to a new location with higher bandwidth
(which is currently being implemented) will work well.

With the introduction of the v3 protocol in the coming months, stats
processing will probably be easier to distribute; at that time, the offer
of servers by all the willing voluteers will be listened to.  At this
point, attempting to go to a new system would cause more problems and start
more finger-pointing.

Mike "Silby" Silbersack
Distributed.net Tech
Support Representative

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