[rc5] Java and RC5

Joseph Fisk joe at rm405n-a.roberts.fit.edu
Tue Nov 11 03:37:05 EST 1997

On Tue, 11 Nov 1997, The Man wrote:

> Justin Cave wrote:
> > On my Win95 machine with Netscape 4, the java client is only a factor of 4
> > slower than the current assembly-coded offering.  Seems to me that this has
> > a lot of promise.
> On my PII-266, Linux, NS4.03, I get ~1600 keys/sec, a factor of _210_
> slower than my usual half-speed rate of 330k. I'll keep my assembly
> version.

I think the purpose of the Java client is to help spread the word about
RC5 rather than become a viable substitute for the assembly core.


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