[rc5] Java and RC5 (and response to constant banter)

Paul \"Froggy\" Schneider pxs3 at po.cwru.edu
Tue Nov 11 03:46:46 EST 1997

>Justin Cave wrote:
>> On my Win95 machine with Netscape 4, the java client is only a factor of
>> slower than the current assembly-coded offering.  Seems to me that this
>> a lot of promise.
>On my PII-266, Linux, NS4.03, I get ~1600 keys/sec, a factor of _210_
>slower than my usual half-speed rate of 330k. I'll keep my assembly

I hardly doubt the purpose of the program is to replace the "assembly"
version.  However, I think it has intriguing hack value and, if nothing
more, illustrates yet again the inconsistancies and variations in terms of
Java performance and usability.

Next I'd think it interest if one could start up this program automagically
when someone hits a page, thereby having every visitor cracking keys. ;)
Yeah, I know with that version it's not possibly, nor would I actually
suggest it or be happy about it... but for "educational purposes only" it'd
be an interesting project.

Oh well, I suppose some of us have too much time on our hands, don't we. :)

flame () {
    BTW, could we all PLEASE cut the crap and move the bickering and
inflammatory speech to e-mail?  With the exception of a few wonderfully
crafted responses and threads, it's becoming a bore and adding to the
already burgeoning e-mail load this list is piping out.

Over and out

Paul "Froggy" Schneider

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