[rc5] Stats now on a T3

Mishari Muqbil mishari at thepentagon.com
Tue Nov 11 16:48:42 EST 1997

Stats have found a new home on a T3 just for those non /<-R4|) 31337
W4R3Z H4X0R d00ds :-) It's the topic for the IRC channel. Should be up
today or tomorrow....

This could explain the low verbosity for those asking rc5help about the

Just adding my own 2 satangs worth:
The reason everything is falling behind, becoming problematic etc. etc.
was probably because really no one here in Bovine really anticipated our
keyrates to Jump to 7gkeys/sec to start off with. Which is quite massive
compared to the DES Challenges where probably no one anticipated THIS
type of keyrate. Everyone in the "Inner Circle" is scrambling as fast as
they can to get things rocking again and even more. With every release
of the client, there are new features added and several improved upon.
That along with the stats, the proxies, homepage, helpline etc. etc.
Yes, some things might be a bit slow, and with every second past we
could be losing a few Gkey/sec from those HPUX 9 boxes & Win3.1 boxes.
But, we're all doing their level best. Even tho sometime they say
they're lazy ;-) (no names) they're just saying that because they're too
stressed out from their daily lives which I'm sure requires and deserves
much higher priority than the d.net project.
Well, end of my 2 satangs worth :-)

Any flames etc. etc. please direct at me.

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