[rc5] A sneak of what's coming up Next!

Mishari Muqbil mishari at thepentagon.com
Tue Nov 11 20:10:11 EST 1997

Well, I grilled Bovine :-) and I realise that What I Got out of the
conversation is the fact that a lot of people aren't aware of the
significant work that is always being done behind the scenes, since it
doesn't directly affect them. I found out the following cool things
which I'm sure Most here must be interested in:

A couple of days ago, we finally got the megg's PPC 604 core working on
PPC unix platforms.  All previous PPC linux builds were completely
unoptimized due to the inability to get Meggs' core working on unix.
They are apparently experimenting with other PPC cores as well to try
and suck those cycles dry!

Just yesterday Remi sent us some new x86 cores. We're working on getting
some minor incrementing issues worked out, but they're 10kkeys/sec
faster in some cases.

We just got out HPUX9, BeOS, QNX4, and Data General clients out today.

I guess we shall have a new Win32 gui tonight too. It adds friendlier
configuration dialogs, more configurability, faster networking, and all
of the other new options that the current CLI clients support.

The new Personal Proxy for UN*X(TM) is coming out with log swapping,
daemon, Networkability to the other unix full proxies, automatic
keyserver resolution through http to eliminate 3/4 of the problems that
people current have with http tunnelling. That should be quite a bit of
a relief. Automtic log compression and swapping, some bug fixes as well
as log swapping disabling are the new features in the new Unix PerProxy.
I know that I sure am looking forward to these features. We will also
have things such as a build in stats on how good your proxy is doing on
the stdout (amm... shows you how many kkey/sec your proxy is processing)

With each minor release of the same version, apparently, we keep on
getting better and better. Just think of the way things are improving
now compared to how say.... Windows or Linux started... (lets hope it
ends up more like linux eh?) All we need is everyone's support to go
along for better or for worst and the Better will finally conquor the
worst. Remember, all this is done by people in their spare time. They
are dedicating all their time not spent on their Work, studies and other
priorities to make this project bigger and better. Now, since you all
share what I know.. let us just sit tight, be optimistic, calm and watch
how thinigs turn out and try not to harass rc5help too much :-) If they
don't respond, it most probably means a fix is in the works and almost
out, they know about the problem, no thanks we have enough help but we
have your email address filed for further reference or "READ THE FAQ"

I hope this post should clarify alot of things, Loads of thanks to Bov
and I do hope none of this info was for "limited" release otherwise I
won't be in perfect health tomorrow :-)

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