[rc5] How to get win32 client to send while already online

Tim Charron tcharron at interlog.com
Tue Nov 11 10:20:51 EST 1997

> >There is also a 'lurkonly' option ("lurkonly=1" in the .ini
> >file) which does exactly what Andrew is asking for.  It won't
> >initiate a connection, but it will take advantage of any
> >connections that are created by other applications or the user.
> I wasn't familiar with "lurkonly." Only "lurk" appears to be documented,
> and it does what you say "lurkonly" does. What's the difference between
> the two?

Hmm.  I've lost track of the original question, but the subject asks 
about sending while already online...

If you are running the non-hidden, non-gui version, then typing "U" 
(short for update) in the rc564 window will initiate a network 
connection attempt.

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