[rc5] Java comments & possibilities

Tom Marshall tommym at owt.com
Tue Nov 11 08:18:41 EST 1997

Perry Lucas wrote:
> The Java client is going to run slower for a lot of reasons in these
> tests but the main reason is that it is not running in the background
> during idle cycles. Instead it is being run through Netscape, some
> other browser, or an interrupter, which is taking up loads of CPU time
> in itself. In other words you are not going to get the same
> performance out of this client.

My experience has been that Netscape uses massive CPU when loading a
page.  But after the page is loaded, it takes hardly any CPU at all.

I've written a couple of CPU simulators.  Personally, I'm amazed at some
of the reports that say the Java client is running 25% of the "real"

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