[rc5] Java and RC5

Joseph Fisk joe at rm405n-a.roberts.fit.edu
Tue Nov 11 11:54:14 EST 1997

On Tue, 11 Nov 1997, Marc Sissom wrote:

> > A PPro 200 scores over 510kkeys in Linux; a 233 should score some
> > 590kkeys.
> I have been running the service client for nt4, but I do know that
> the os overhead on w32 machines is greater than for linux. In my
> experience, linux and os2 are neck and neck, FreeBSD is the fastest,
> and w32 is the slowest, with NT having an advantage over w95 on 32
> bit optimized machines like the PII or PPro, and w95 having the
> advantage on 16 bit machines.

I agree though I haven't run the client on FreeBSD.  I did find the the
Linux client of a P5 is slightly faster than the OS/2 (178kkeys vs
175kkeys).  Of course I'm not running X in Linux, so the OS/2 task
scheduler deserves great credit =)

> > I have seen a benchmark for a PPro240 as well but it seemed low for
> > the Mhz rating.
> In my experience with varying proc clock rates, bus clocks,
> wait states, etc. you _never_ want to decrease the bus speed.
> I assume that it was 60x4. It takes a big boost in processor
> speed to offset the lost time on bus cycles. 66x3.5 will almost
> always beat that 60x4 arrangement. Apparently even in a proc
> intensive benchmark like the rc5.

Processor intensive tasks like RC5 are independent of bus speed.  In any
case I'll be clocking my PPro180s as much as possible =)



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