[rc5] Java and RC5

Mark Beeson mark at emerald.net
Tue Nov 11 10:20:24 EST 1997

Ryan Dumperth wrote:
> MacOS 8, 604e/200, Navigator 4.03: 6248 keys/sec
> MacOS Runtime for Java 1.5: Class Loader Exception: fileioexception (RC5demo)
> I'd love to see the MRJ speed, since it's a JIT compiler, compared
> to Netscape's notoriously pathetic VM.

NT4sp3, P5-100, Navigator 4.03: 37825 keys/sec

as compared to the NT service client which spits out:

[11/11/97 17:04:40 GMT] Total: 30 blocks 17:43:57.38 - [123927.05

Not bad at all for something that's running in a browser layer.

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