[rc5] Java and RC5

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Tue Nov 11 13:11:15 EST 1997

Slim (slim at ipapilot.org), on 11/11/97 12:49 PM, wrote the following:

>Why not have the "client" be the thing that sits on the web server end of
>the connection? I would download this client and serve it on my home page.
>People who wander by would see something saying "You're now helping to
>crack RC5 code. Want to be more involved? Click here." or words to that
>effect, sort of a java-applet-in-a-banner. During the time they were
>looking at my page, the java applet would be doing some work on their
>computers, however little. My client (the thing serving the applet) would
>hand out tiny blocks, accumulate the returned tiny blocks into the
>normal-sized blocks, and then hand them to the regular key servers using
>the standard protocol. The key servers wouldn't have to be modified at
I like this idea so much that I'd put it on distributed-mac.net! I'm not 
going to write it, though... no time.

For people really dedicated to the project, a java client is almost 
pointless... but as a tool for spreading the word, it's almost priceless! 
We could make distributed.net take off in spite of the admins! :)

Eric? Greg? Any chance the two of you could work together to come up with 
something we could use for real? I fear this is doomed if we have to go 
through the regular coding channels... every time an admin uses the word 
"java" they append " has it's place, but this isn't it." Well, for once 
(!), I think they might be wrong. As a method for spreading the word, 


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