[rc5] FYI - Possible PerProxy problem (long)

Eric Gindrup gindrup at okway.okstate.edu
Tue Nov 11 13:35:02 EST 1997

This message was handed to me by one of the people for whom I Digest the 
rc5 at llamas.net list.  He has slowly become more and more distant towards the 
effort, but I think he's finally done with it.

And now, his words:
        -- Eric Gindrup ! gindrup at Okway.okstate.edu

To Distributed.Net:
I do run this at work, but it does not cost me "bubkus", because I'm constantly 
having to fiddle with network communications to get past our proxy, and when I 
finally do, the various key servers drop the connections after only transferring
10-20 keys, though I'm trying to pull down 200 to lengthen the span between 
Yes, we get the software for free, but we get nothing in return.  One team gets 
some money.  We joined this thing in the spirit of friends laughing at the 
powers that be.  When my friends get snotty and disrespectful (I did not 
appreciate "You don't [exist].  You are all cows.  Moo"), I find new friends. 
My Master's Thesis was on distributed computing, for which I wrote a working
general purpose distributed system, TCP/IP based, that could distribute EXE's or
DLL's along with task hierarchy's to do staged work.  Yes it is the biggest 
security hole ever seen (well, not worse than ActiveX, really), and no, it 
wouldn't support non-Intel/Windows systems.  But then, I was working on theory, 
not a real world-wide distributed computer.  I don't need your clients, I don't 
need your servers, and I sure don't need your attitude.
On the other hand, each of us who runs your software contributes assets to your 
"official entity."  How much do you think anyone would care about 
Distributed.Net if all of us left?  Your computers alone just aren't that 
If you had one free-neuron in your combined cerebral mass, you would realize 
that it is stupid to ask us to pay for the privilege of giving you computing 
time.  You wanna make money?  Rent out batch processing on your virtual machine 
to companies for less than they can get on mainframes.  Suck in the money, take 
out your operating expenses, whatever you think you deserve in salaries, and 
distribute the rest in dividends to the teams that do all the actual processing.
If you're not interested in money,  then go back to friendly camaraderie.
I'm outta here.  My friends gave up weeks ago.
        - Mac Reiter

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