[rc5] Bovine doesn't suck, their just tired

Ivo Janssen ivo at ricardis.tudelft.nl
Tue Nov 11 20:44:10 EST 1997

OK, So I read all the mail about the picking on Bovine, now it's time
for me to write something.

Everybody complains about the Bovine-admins not responding or being
lazy (hell, even Nugget said that himself).

I just think (and know) no-one at Bovine ever expected to reach the
7gigakeys. The stats DB became 100MB with 3 hots per second.
I can imagine that some of the admins sometimes totally collapse and
just turn off their computers and start drinking.

And just then the rc5-56 contest ended while v3 was far away.
(v3 equals: open protocol/source and everything and the admin team
really becomes a manager team for the d.net).

So they wondered: How can we keep people interested until v3? Well,
they choose the easiest (laziest?) way: Add 8 bits to your client and
put them out. 

Java? That would need a lot of rewriting of code. Just wait for v3.
Implementing a new stat system? Wait for v3 and bear with the old.
More and more people asking the same (stupid?) questions over and over
again.  Sigh.

I just think Bovine is a little overworked.
Give'm a break, don't complain to much. Accept the closed code-base
and non-java attitude and slow stats.

2 more months.

Then everyone can start coding.

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