[rc5] Java and RC5

Seth Johnson sjohnson at smart.net
Wed Nov 12 14:16:28 EST 1997

I think the real value here is this:

Though Java is very un-optimized for the task of breaking RC5, it enables 
computers to run a client without having the highly-optimized binary 
client installed on the computer.

The success of the Bovine project depends on the number of clients 
working on the code. If a Java-based client could increase this number, 
then that would lend marginal assistance to the Bovine keyrate.

There actually are a lot of computers that can't have an optimized client 
installed, but could run a Java applet for long periods of time. 
University labs immediately come to mind-- they often have a standard 
suite of software that remains on their hard drives and every night a 
sweep is done to trash all documents and applications left by users. 
Also, don't forget the possiblities of WebTV units and OracleNCs stepping 
up to participate in Bovine. 


My clever retort is based on your previous comments:

>Perhaps we can take a break from all the philosophical messages about d.net
>I was home with the flu recently, so I took the opportunity to hack on RC5 
>Java, just to see what kind of keyrate I could squeeze out of a language 
>something it wasn't designed to do.
>I put together a sample applet that cracks RC5 keys for 30 seconds and 
>the results. To try this out (it runs in your browser), go to:
>  http://userzweb.lightspeed.net/~gregh/rc5
>Source code is available too if you're interested. Have fun!

>From Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy:

"If you go flying back through time and you see somebody else flying 
forward into the future, it's probably best to avoid eye contact."

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