[rc5] Newsgroup

Jude Giampaolo jude at ruf2ece.ee.psu.edu
Tue Nov 11 15:44:31 EST 1997

Ivo Janssen carved on a block of stone:
> OK. Maybe not a general Usenet group, but a local newsserver running
> on some machine somewhere (news.distributed.net)
> Then we have toplevel groups!
> rc5.stats
> rc5.platformrequests
> rc5.flame
> rc5.advocacy

I think this is a better idea. This way you get newsgroups that you
could gateway to the mailing list w/o further making a mess out of 
the big hierarchies.

Jude Charles Giampaolo
Penn State University
jude at ktb.ee.psu.edu

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