[rc5] Win 3.11 client?

The CrapHead! craphead at techie.com
Tue Nov 11 21:25:28 EST 1997

> This brings up something that crossed my mind earlier.  I think I saw a DOS
> client.  My real thought/question is, could a machine that never has
> connectivity to TCP/IP crunch keyblocks, then use a transfer method -
> shared directory, floppy, etc. to transfer the blocks back and forth to a
> machine that does have connectivity?  And would it work cross platform?
Yupp.. I use the DOS-client on a 486 I've got.. I run it from floppy,
and when the buffers are done, I just move the floppy over to my Amiga
(which is connected to the net), and update the buffers from the
Amiga.. :)
I also run the Amiga-client on my Amiga of course.. :)
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