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Steve Trottier STROTTIER at novell.com
Tue Nov 11 14:22:01 EST 1997

Ivo Janssen <ivo at ricardis.tudelft.nl> 11/11 2:00 PM  writes:
> OK, So someone in de US with a moderate fast line (t1?) and a
> lowly-loaded spare machine, install a newsserver on it and let Bovine
> add a DNS alias news.distributed.net to the database.....
> Someone?

Wait a minute... Maybe I missed it. Tell me again how having to go to some
remote news server to read rc5 stuff would be more convenient than having
the messages delivered to my email box? I like having the stuff come to me a
lot better than having to go get it myself. (For those of you who are going
to say that it clutters your mailbox--haven't you heard of rule based
sorting? My rc5 messages go to their own folder.)

I can think of only one reason to have a newsgroup, and that is PUBLICITY.
People might read it to find out what the heck RC5 is or to read about
distributed computing and thereby find out about distributed.net. If we
gated it to a mailing list, then we'd have the best of both worlds. But we
won't get the benefit of the free publicity if we have it on someone's
stand-alone news server somewhere.

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