[rc5] Bovine doesn't suck, their just tired

Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Tue Nov 11 15:25:21 EST 1997

Ivo Janssen wrote:
> I just think (and know) no-one at Bovine ever expected to reach the
> 7gigakeys. The stats DB became 100MB with 3 hots per second.
> I can imagine that some of the admins sometimes totally collapse and
> just turn off their computers and start drinking.

So, where I come from, exceeding your expectations is called
success. It is not an excuse for collapse, sloppy testing, or
even discourteous behavior.

> And just then the rc5-56 contest ended while v3 was far away.
> (v3 equals: open protocol/source and everything and the admin team
> really becomes a manager team for the d.net).

So, v2 = open protocols and code IF those in control say so.
That's all it takes. They just have to decide to let us help.
> So they wondered: How can we keep people interested until v3? Well,
> they choose the easiest (laziest?) way: Add 8 bits to your client and
> put them out.

This path has failed for me. I'm not bothering to recruit anymore.
The last few people that I'd convinced to join are wondering if
I've been pulling their legs. I told them that they'd be able to
check the stats, log themselves in with a generated password and
assign their work to credit any team. They check and they see
"Stats are down..." Interesting idea this distributed net, but
that's all they see, just an interesting idea.
> Java? That would need a lot of rewriting of code. Just wait for v3.

Sorry, it's already been done. One of the bovine officials has
admitted it(claimed perhaps?). Another, outside of the inner
circle has written a demo that works. If only he could get his
hands on that precious v2 protocol, and find someone to host it,
he'd be generating checked keys. As it stands it does nothing.
The only reason that it does nothing is because bovine says so.
The "Not Invented Here, Not Wanted Here, Not Going to be Tolerated
Here" attitude is a very bad sign.

> More and more people asking the same (stupid?) questions over and over
> again.  Sigh.

Perhaps if there were valid answers to the questions, then the
asking would stop.
> I just think Bovine is a little overworked.
> Give'm a break, don't complain to much. Accept the closed code-base
> and non-java attitude and slow stats.

Why? What do I gain from accepting unreasonable, irresponsible
behavior? What do I gain for putting up with it for even two
months? Where did you get this 2 months figure anyway? 2 months
before the specs are released? 2 months before v3 clients for
rc5-64 are released? Wait two months longer for what?

What do I gain by blindly accepting software that does not
work? Not only does it not work, but it destroys the product
of my week's efforts at recruiting, installing, configuring,
explaining, selling, campaigning. Bovine wants us to "trust
them" So...I do and what do I get? Garbage. Non-working
software. No response to queries. Nada. Messages from their
suporters that amount to nothing but "Keep on putting up, and
shut up while you're at it."

They expect me to trust them _and_ set up test beds for their
software? What do I get in response, not even respect! No,
I am not going to do this anymore. It is too much trouble for
too little reward. I will let others test the software. I
will let others code for bovine. I will let others think for
bovine. I will spend my time, energy, and ideas elsewhere.

> 2 more months.
> Then everyone can start coding.

Sorry, some of us have already started. Bovine just doesn't seem
to understand. I criticize and argue _for_ bovine, not against.
I want to see them succeed. So, I point out their failures in
hope that they will change, in other words, I take the trouble
to write this so that they can do better.

Unfortunately, there have have been too few feeble efforts at
correcting the problems. This "you moo cow" attitide is part of
it. There are some alpha bulls out here that are getting fed
up with the status quo. Some are writing their own stuff and
putting it out for the rest of the bovine herd to see. Some
of the herd are turning to look. Some like what they see. Soon
some of the herd will walk away to join another. I imagine
that the bovine response will be the same, nose up, finger up,
we don't need you go away. Eventually, there will be no one
else on the irc to finger off.

The software can ride for now, but it won't be long before
something else that wants my idle cpu cycles comes along,
and sadly, it seems that there won't be any motivation to
stick with bovine.

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