[rc5] Bovine doesn't suck, their just tired

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Tue Nov 11 17:15:20 EST 1997

Marc Sissom (msissom at dnaent.com), on 11/11/97 4:25 PM, wrote the 

>Sorry, some of us have already started. Bovine just doesn't seem
>to understand. I criticize and argue _for_ bovine, not against.
>I want to see them succeed. So, I point out their failures in
>hope that they will change, in other words, I take the trouble
>to write this so that they can do better.

EXACTLY! Oh how I wish they would open their eyes and see what we're 
telling them!

What we have here is an accellerated Apple (the company)! They were at 
the top, had the best, but stopped caring about their users and developed 
their own agenda and a 'reality distortion field'. Those of use who are 
not behind that field are going into shock watching them waste this truly 
awesome, incredible resource: 8000 PEOPLE WILLING TO HELP THEM FOR FREE!!!


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