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Robert Brooks robertb at geocities.com
Tue Nov 11 16:53:44 EST 1997

>Wait a minute... Maybe I missed it. Tell me again how having to go to some
>remote news server to read rc5 stuff would be more convenient than having
>the messages delivered to my email box? I like having the stuff come to me a
>lot better than having to go get it myself. (For those of you who are going
>to say that it clutters your mailbox--haven't you heard of rule based
>sorting? My rc5 messages go to their own folder.)

I also prefer a mailing list to a usenet newsgroup for a couple of reasons.
 The picky, lazy reason is that I don't want to bother configuring my
newsreader software; I get what little newsgroup info I need from Deja
News.  The more compelling reason is that I HATE SPAM!  Submitting to the
discussion and putting our email addresses into an unrestricted public
forum turns us into spam bait... and I'm getting plenty of Unsolicited
Commercial Mail already, thank you!

Of course, there are ways to combat the spam factor, such as spam-trapping
fake return addresses (robertbNOSPAM at geocities.NOSPAM.com) or a sacrificial
real email address (I use robertbnews at usa.net).  But it's a pain (and that
goes back to the lazy factor...)

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