[rc5] Win32GUI client, sounds and size of EXE file

Hannu Nyman HNYMAN at tuta.hut.fi
Wed Nov 12 11:56:41 EST 1997

I just downloaded the new Win32GUI client and was astonished to see 
that it contains sounds.

The size of the executable file has grown from about 400 kB to 550 
kB. I checked the file and found out that it contains FIVE different 
sounds in WAV format. The sounds make together about 116000 bytes.

If i am going to run the client in the background I want to keep it 
as small as possible. Who really wants the sounds? If there has to be 
sounds, then please leave one of them, but remove the other four!!!!

And in order to save a few more bytes, remove the Borland debug 
information from the exe file at the same time ;-)

Hannu Nyman
Hannu Nyman
E-mail: Hannu.Nyman at hut.fi
Tel. +358-9-4512191
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