[rc5] win32gui client hangs

Ted Rathkopf trathkopf at bigfoot.com
Wed Nov 12 09:37:24 EST 1997

I just got in to work and checked my clients, only to find that the 
client on my windows95 box hung about 4 hours ago.  It seems to be 
somewhere in it's communication with the personal proxy.  Last thing I 
got in the output window was:  "Sent 1 block(s) to server."  Then it 
hung.  Hitting the X to kill it gave a "shutdown started" message, but 
it didn't go away, so I killed it from the task list.  I restarted it 
and so far it seems to be working fine.  In fact it just mooed at me.

I am using the brand new win32 gui client that was released yesterday.

PS, is there any way to get a version number for a client?


Ted Rathkopf
trathkopf at bigfoot.com

"Oh!  RainBOWS!  Oh yeah.  I like those.  Those are cool!" - Cartman

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