[rc5] Java and RC5

Marcus Rugger rugger at iglou.com
Wed Nov 12 11:03:16 EST 1997

Let's get organized then if we're going to do this thing.

Programmers who want to participate in the development of a Java applet
based program and the server backend please email me at rugger at iglou.com.
Please include 'I WANT MY JAVA' as the subject so I can easily find it as
that email account is flooded by mail from this mail list.

I currently see the tasks at hand as being:

1. recruit programmers (that's what I'm doing now)
2. Write protocol specification between Java applet and server backend.
3. Write specification of Java applet
4. Write specification of server backend
5. Start coding

Anyone that wants to add to that, please feel free.

We also have to decide on a server.  I feel that the server should have
telnet access by the development team so we can work on it.  So it should
not be a server with sensitive information on it.  Maybe somebody has a
better idea.

I'm willing to create a record in our dns servers rc5java.spidertrap.com
that will direct clients to whatever server we decide to use.  But we have
to have a program first before this is a issue.

I'm not trying to take control of this project, just get organized and get
moving.  If somebody else would like to take lead of this project I'm all
for it.  I imagine it should be left to a vote by the development team.


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