[rc5] Java and RC5

Slim slim at ipapilot.org
Wed Nov 12 11:37:24 EST 1997

>I'm willing to create a record in our dns servers rc5java.spidertrap.com
>that will direct clients to whatever server we decide to use.

I don't think that there ought to be any kind of single central server;
the server end of this thing should (and I think for java security reasons
must) be run on the web server which is giving out the java applet. Then
anyone with a web server can download the java applet/server backend
package and run it as another client, one that works by collecting the
keys checked by the java applets rather than by checking them itself (this
web server may already be running a conventional client).

Because of the inavailability of the v2 source code, this is going to have
to involve the "official" Bovine people. Much of the current UNIX client
could be used -- the parts that communicate with the proxy servers,
maintain the buffers, and so forth. The threads that do the actual key
checking would be replaced by code that communicates with the java
applets, collects their checked keys, and assembles them into the
conventional key blocks.

Chris Johnson

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