[rc5] Java and RC5

Slim slim at ipapilot.org
Wed Nov 12 12:57:34 EST 1997

>I don't see any reason why this backend piece couldn't be a regular old
>personal proxy. You don't have to write anything new for it.

Except that you'd want to hand out much smaller blocks. If someone comes
along and looks at your page for a minute, he's not going to complete
anything close to an entire 2^28 key block. He might complete, say,
500,000 keys, and the server end of the deal would have to accumulate all
these little snips of blocks and assemble them into real blocks. You don't
want to have to keep your subject looking at your page for the length of
time it takes to complete an entire block. You'd give him a number of keys
that you might expect him to complete in, say, thirty seconds, and then
hope he sticks around long enough. Maybe this time period could be
adjustable. It could also be dynamic, with the server deciding how many
keys to give to a particular client depending on how quickly it completed
the previous bunch, and how long it's been hanging around.

I would also make this different from the normal client/proxy system by
having the client maintain an open socket with the server for the whole
time it's working. That way, as soon as the socket is closed, you know
that any un-returned keys are not going to be completed by this client.

The idea here is not that people would open the page with the applet on it
and just leave it sitting there for hours on end, cracking codes. You'd
just be trying to use the CPUs of your various visitors for whatever
period of time they would normally have spent looking at your page.

Chris Johnson

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