[rc5] Java and RC5

Robert Brooks robertb at geocities.com
Wed Nov 12 15:26:42 EST 1997

>// Michael Zieger
>// All computers wait at the same speed - why not install RC5?
>//-- Any CPU time left?    Help us at: http://rc5.kem.ac.at/
>//-- Crack RC5-64          64bit code cracking with Team-RC5 at kem.ac.at
>// End Of Mail

Here's another useless stat... using the Java demo app at the above
address, my speed was only 7354 keys/sec standing still and 5829 keys/sec
scrolling.  On the original page, I could crack over 9000 keys/sec (and
over 7200 scrolling).  I think the difference was caused by the two small
animated .GIF images on the page taking up Netscape's resources!

I guess this adds two points to the design:

* The CPU load of the RC5 Java applet will probably not be noticable
compared to the load incurred by even modest animations.

* The "default" number of keys per block sent to the Java app should be
very low, but should be configurable by the page designer.  Keeping the
default number of keys low will make the Java applet useful even when it's
part of some newbie's "look at all my KEWL aminations!" page, but the rest
of us can adjust the keys-per-block setting to reflect our more restrained

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