[rc5] win95 client and logon/logoff

Dave Kaupp dave.kaupp at cubic.com
Wed Nov 12 13:28:43 EST 1997

 I'm trying to get rc5 running before a user logs in to win95, we 
have a few machines sitting at the login prompt. 

 Does the newset cli version support being shutdown when a user uses 
the 'close all programs and logon as a different user' option?

 The original cli version does not stop and spawns new versions when 
its in the startup. 

 I tried using the newset (11/11) gui version, if I start it as a 
 service(?) it doesnt start until a user logs in.  If I put it in 
the start up, it waits for the user to push the 'use these settings' 
button. If I start it as a service while its in the startup, I get 
the client as allready running message, but it at least starts before 
the user logs in (I assume).

 PS: I think this may have been related to the excell problem I had 
before. Has anyone had 12 versions of RC5 running at the same time 
and tried doing work? ;)

Dave Kaupp     dave.kaupp at cubic.com      Ext 4438.
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