[rc5] win95 client and logon/logoff

Jeff Lawson jlawson at hmc.edu
Wed Nov 12 13:55:53 EST 1997

At 01:28 PM 11/12/97 +0000, Dave Kaupp wrote:
> I tried using the newset (11/11) gui version, if I start it as a 
> service(?) it doesnt start until a user logs in.  If I put it in 
>the start up, it waits for the user to push the 'use these settings' 
>button. If I start it as a service while its in the startup, I get 
>the client as allready running message, but it at least starts before 
>the user logs in (I assume).

You are doing thing too manually.  If you just check the "autolaunch" item
in gui client's configuration, it will add itself to the registry such that
it will begin working immediately without the intial startup dialog.
Additionally, in this manner the gui will properly handle preventing
multiple instances, continued running through a user-logout, and startup
before the first user logs in.

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