[rc5] Win32 GUI client is a trojan?

Matthew L Bennett lord_buttmonkey at juno.com
Wed Nov 12 17:41:20 EST 1997

On Wed, 12 Nov 1997 09:41:25 -0600 Marc Sissom <msissom at dnaent.com>
>Matthew L Bennett wrote:
>> His piracy is none of your business.
>Where did you get that idea?

Because his lack of judgement is not the responsibility of Eric.

>Whenever someone commits a crime it affects the rest of us.
>Directly, it causes increased law enforcement budgets.

For crimes like that, the only problem is a possible increase in funding
to the SPA from Microsoft.

>For software, when someone uses a program for which they should
>have paid, it reduces the funds available to the developers.

Uhhh... okay, they still get millions of dollars anyway.  I suppose they
need money to help support the upkeep of their Porsches, anyway.

>They have reduced incentive to continue to support their
>obviously superior program. This hurts me. It makes less good
>software available.

And yet, many of these heavily pirated titles survive each year to make
billions.  More of this "don't get it free, pay $600 dollars for it" crap
people like you throw at *everyone*, not just pirates.

>Good thing since you have no foundation for reason.

No, good thing since I believe in it strongly.  Why the *hell* should I
have to justify my opinions to *you*?

>Righto, I'm glad I'm not your neighbor. When your house is
>burglarized, I'm sure that you hope your neighbor sees it
>and practices what you preach.

More stupid "what-if-it-happened-to-you" crap.  There's a difference.
(Before you ask another stupid "no it's the same principle" question for
me, yes, there's a difference IMHO.  My life's too short to bother with

>> However, it is irresponsible to use pirated software at work, but
>> Eric, his irresponsibility does not affect you.
>You bet it does affect us all.

Well, since I have paid for my software, it doesn't affect me.  I haven't
seen any, if at all, a price increase on much software.

>> to be like the 1984 "Spies".  MYOB.  Don't attack others unless they
>> strike first.
>Obviously, the pirate has struck, else he wouldn't be a pirate.

So he technically "stole" from a major corporation with billions of
dollars.  I could care less.  If he get's busted, then it's just desserts
time.  If he lives to a ripe old age, still a pirate, then I still could
care less.  It's his descision to use pirated software, therefore, he can
face the consequences, if any.

Last of all, no, I'm not a pirate (once again, life's too short to bother
with idiots), so don't call me one because I don't help you in
persecuting him.

Also, let me be frank.  Give someone with a limited income the choice of
getting a program for free, or paying $600 dollars for it, even though
it's illegal to get it for free, and guess what, they're going to laugh
at you and pirate it..  Hey, pal, people smoke marijuana, that's illegal,
but they couldn't give a crap if the penalty for use was life in prison.
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