[rc5] Thinking of an Alpha (the end)

Brian Neal bneal at volusianet.net
Wed Nov 12 19:17:58 EST 1997

I work with radio propagation and 3d rendering... but we have also just recently moved
the ISP business.  We're using our Alpha 500 as the server.  It has been hell for me to
multiport boards that support this machine (A Digi blew the whole thing away).  Tape
I have found to be inordinatly expensive.  NT 4.0 is the worst OS I have ever seen (I
can't even
prevent conncurrent connections of the same user) and Polywell is the worst company
I have
ever delt with.  And the drives all have big red stickers on them that read "Do not use
in a
continously running system".  And on top of all that, I simple don't see much future for

Eric Gindrup wrote:

>      I don't find that any of the Alphas I have anything to do with are
>      more trouble than they are worth.  For processor intensive
>      applications they are my tool of choice.  Their I/O is a little
>      bottlenecky, though.
>      I don't see why you claimed that Alphas were so much trouble.  RAM for
>      Alphas is starting to become mainstream for PCs just because hihg-end
>      PCs are starting to be where low end Alphas were a couple of months
>      ago.  This means RAM prices for Alpha users are falling as the supply
>      trickles in to feed the PC users.  Most Alphas use standard SCSI
>      components and those are becoming mainstream as PC users suddenly want
>      to do more than one I/O operation at once (without very slow
>      juggling).
>      Where's the gripe?
>      I posted sites where the RAM could be had for ~US$3.50/MB.  How much
>      do you think RAM should cost?
>             -- Eric Gindrup ! gindrup at okway.okstate.edu
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> Subject: Re: Re[2]: [rc5] Thinking of an Alpha (the end)
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> Date:    1997/11/11 17:44
> Great enough quantities is true, but what about someone who doesn't
> need a multiuser system...
> However, the reason I started this thread is because someone wanted
> an alpha, and I advised against it... I know from experience that they are
> more trouble than they are worth.  If you really want a workstation class
> system, I recommend either a Dual-P2 system, or a Sun (The Netra i sells
> for only $15,000 and comes fully loaded with tons of software).
> Of course, it is my opinion that if someone buys one of these just to crack
> keys for distributed.net, they have TOO much money and need to
> DISTRIBUTE it!  :)
> -brian
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