[rc5] Win32 GUI client is a trojan?

Mark Beeson mark at emerald.net
Wed Nov 12 17:20:14 EST 1997

Having turned into an ex-pirate a few years ago, after my 7-year stint
(coincidentally covering my teenaged years), I'll express the following:

Matthew L Bennett wrote:
> Because his lack of judgement is not the responsibility of Eric.

If his lack of judgement is affecting Eric, which indirectly it is
(since it _is_ driving up software prices), then it is Eric's, mine, and
your responsibility.

> For crimes like that, the only problem is a possible increase in funding
> to the SPA from Microsoft.

Untrue; software developers will stop at nothing to justify higher
prices.  True, the crime of piracy has little effect on software sales
(how many of those 13-year-old kids would really buy Photoshop anyways?)
but the CEO of, say, Adobe, doesn't care; he's going to raise prices
because of it.

> Uhhh... okay, they still get millions of dollars anyway.  I suppose they
> need money to help support the upkeep of their Porsches, anyway.

Hmm.  You need to quit getting your "developer lifestyle news" out of
Wired magazine.  The average coder makes only about an average salary.

> And yet, many of these heavily pirated titles survive each year to make
> billions.  More of this "don't get it free, pay $600 dollars for it" crap
> people like you throw at *everyone*, not just pirates.

They survive each year because they're good programs.

> No, good thing since I believe in it strongly.  Why the *hell* should I
> have to justify my opinions to *you*?

Because you're supporting the rather illegal side of this argument.

> Well, since I have paid for my software, it doesn't affect me.  I haven't
> seen any, if at all, a price increase on much software.

This is pure crap.  I remember laughing out loud in Egghead years ago
because I wouldn't pay $19 for the latest game (Elite) for my Amiga
500.  A game like that these days is going to run you what, $79?

> So he technically "stole" from a major corporation with billions of
> dollars.  I could care less.  If he get's busted, then it's just desserts
> time.  If he lives to a ripe old age, still a pirate, then I still could
> care less.  It's his descision to use pirated software, therefore, he can
> face the consequences, if any.

Too true; responsibility for one's actions, yadda yadda yadda.  But what
you fail to mention is that piracy, while essentially a victimless
crime, is not a crime that doesn't involve money.  What if Doom didn't
make any money at all because everyone downloaded the w4r3z version
instead of going out and buying it?  Romero wouldn't have any money to
hire more programmers, and Quake, quite possibly, might never have come

> Also, let me be frank.  Give someone with a limited income the choice of
> getting a program for free, or paying $600 dollars for it, even though
> it's illegal to get it for free, and guess what, they're going to laugh
> at you and pirate it..  Hey, pal, people smoke marijuana, that's illegal,
> but they couldn't give a crap if the penalty for use was life in prison.

People steal cars as well.  Are you suggesting that we simply let them
take whatever car they want?

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