[rc5] Stats page???

maverick maverick at ninja.techwood.org
Wed Nov 12 19:20:17 EST 1997

  I hate to ask this since I know it has kinda been run into the ground but
does ANYONE know when the stats page will be working again???  The team
that I am on (South Eastern 2600) has about 10 members and we've all been
running the various clients on anywhere from one to ten machines
each....the only problem is - we've all flushed who-knows-how-many block
back into the proxy, but have NO idea how we're doing!

  This has been going on for days...how long does it take to move a server?
 I've moved entire ISPs including completely swapping them onto new servers
before in MUCH less time than this!

  Don't assume that this is a flame at anyone at Bovine / Distributed.net
because it is not...I guess I'm just frustrated!

 Matt Coleman <maverick>
 Nashville, Tennessee

 "The nature of life is to delight in all possible loopholes. Every
  creature is in some way hacking a living by reinterpreting the rules."
					-- Kevin Kelly
  maverick at ninja.techwood.org --------- http://www.martek.net/maverick
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