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Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Thu Nov 13 00:48:27 EST 1997

'Wes Shull' said previously:
| Didn't somebody mention Doom?  I think I read in the latest issue of 
| _Turbo_ that John Carmack drives a heavily modified, 900+ hp Ferrari 
| Testarossa.  I wonder how much that cost.  I wonder whose money paid 
| for it.

I don't recall... Testarossa's were rather popular at id.  I recall
reading a musing by Romero (I think) that his mother stopped nagging
him about getting a "real job" when he bought his *second* Testarossa.
That was in another game rag which was reviewing Doom 1.0 -- under the
heading "Testosterossa".


I've driven by the big black cube of an office that id's in and have
admired the red Ferrari around back.  It's quite an awesome car to
behold, especially admist the demilitarized-zone atmosphere of Mesquite.
(No offense to any Mesquite residents, but you gotta admit that area
ain't the greatest place to be.)

(And, in true hacker fashion, Mr. Carmack was there around 9/10PM
on both a Friday, and a Saturday, or at least his car was, the two
different occasions I had for driving by.)


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