[RC5] Win32 GUI client is a trojan?

John Ragland tachyon at icom.net
Mon Nov 17 22:08:53 EST 1997

On Sun, 16 Nov 97 16:46:10 -0600, Eric Gindrup wrote:

>     These two topics go (sort of) together.  If you accept Capitalism, you 
>     have to accept contract enforcement which means that you have to 
>     censure and restrict actions contrary to contract.  Theft of software 
>     is strictly a violation of contract and therefore a (tangential) 
>     attack on pure Capitalism.

<2 cents>
So if I have not agreed to this "contract" in any way then if I have a
copy of the "stolen" program I have not stolen it.
</2 cents>
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