[RC5] Problems w/Solarix 4 client

James Byers jwb19 at cornell.edu
Tue Nov 18 02:56:43 EST 1997

>This is indeed annoying, especially for those of us (just me?) who are
>mirroring the FTP site for more widespread local use...

	Beyond issues of copyrights, etc., there are also security issues with
mirroring the d.n FTP site.  The more widespread mirroring is, the more
locations someone with ill intentions has to put up hacked copies of the
client.  This could be the case either with the individual running the FTP
site _or_ outside hackers gaining access to an insecure / unmonitored
server.  With all the eggs in one basket, at least (we hope) d.n is a)
secure b) carefully watched so that a break-in is quickly remedied.

	As for the release of new clients with unchanged version numbers, I
wholeheartedly agree with the original author.  Versions should be updated
with _every_ major or minor release.

	James Byers

James Byers                                   
jwb19 at cornell.edu
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