[RC5] Stats, IP count

Thomas Pedoussaut TPedoussaut at webnet.fr
Tue Nov 18 11:51:30 EST 1997

>Participant Summary for JoLaFrit at webnet.fr
>Current Ranking 7935
>Total blocks to search: 68719476736
>Total blocks checked: 77
>Keyspace Exhausted: 0.000000%
>Total keys checked: 0 Trillion
>Time Working: 11 days
>Overall Rate: 79.74 kkeys/sec
>Please be patient, stats are currently updating
>Yesterday, many hosts submitted blocks to our servers bringing the
>total host participation to 10 IP addresses since they began.
I use this adress with only 4 hosts. Is it a bug of the stats or 
someone esle is using my adress ?
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