[RC5] What's up with Stats?

David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Tue Nov 18 09:21:31 EST 1997

Matt, questioning my honesty, had this to say:
>Were there really that bad of bandwidth problems??? 

Yes.  Of course.  We were running the stats on a 128K ISDN link and trying
to handle as many as three hits per second.  Every single one of the
thousands of people who tried patiently to use the stats server before it
was moved to its grand new home at best.net can verify this for you.

>Now the person doing the stats is have ISP problems???  For some reason I
>doubt that whoever this person is doing business with for their ISP hasn't
>been able to get them connected to the net for this long.

I am "that person".  You may doubt all you want.  That doesn't change the
fact that my ISP has been having some major problems the past week.

>That's not much of an ISP as far as I'm concerned!

Great.  Nobody is asking you to use my ISP.

>It doesn't take DAYS for an ISP to get someone online that is having
>problems getting connected 

Sometimes it does.  Case in point, my own situation.  Except for the fact
that I am not having problems getting connected.  As has been explained
repeatedly, I was getting 2000ms+ ping times.

>I wonder what the real story is here?

Simply because you do not have all the facts does not mean that there is
deception involved.  The real story is, of course, exactly what has been
explained here several times.  I'm happy for you that your ISP has never
been in the situation that my ISP is in.  It's also very enlightening to
hear that if you were in my situation, you would handle it differently that
I have.

This, however, doesn't mean much of anything.  For a variety or reasons
that are neither interesting nor on topic for this list, I've decided to
ride out the present problems that my ISP is experiencing.

(less rebuttal, more information in a post to follow immediately)

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