[RC5] My head is going to explode...

Greg Apessos st942e93 at post.drexel.edu
Tue Nov 18 10:44:15 EST 1997

        On a stupider note, are you guys morons?  I don't wish to often any
of you non-moron people out there cause i know that's a majority of you but
how the heck is the source code exactly going to help you if someone somehow
sneaked a trojan client onto the FTP site.  You would still have the code
for the correct client but the one you downloaded would be the hacked
version which is bent on computer domination!?!?  Tell me i'm missing
something cause the problem looks really simple to me, there is none!!  

>On a more serious note, it would be nice to see the source for the
>Bovine clients.  As it is, I run the *nix clients under a sacrificial
>"rc5" account to contain any possible damage, should they be trojan

>Of course, there have been many good reasons as to why the source
>*hasn't* been released, but they're not all-justifying.  It's
>especially questionable when the client binaries update on the FTP site
>with no revision in the version number, not unlike what would happen
>when a novice cracker replaces a binary with a trojan and forgets to
>reset the date stamp.

ps.  I would like to take this time to apologize for my actions, i got about
2 hours of sleep last night and my patients for stupid people is at an all
time low!!  Thank you and have a good day!

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