[RC5] Holding blocks hostage

Greg Apessos st942e93 at post.drexel.edu
Tue Nov 18 11:21:43 EST 1997

At 09:57 AM 11/18/97 -0600, you wrote:
>> Daniel Baker wrote:
>> > 
>> > > I've decided that I am not going to return any blocks until I can
figure out
>> > > what it is I am returning.  In other words, when bivine releases the
>> > > code, I'll release the blocks I've done.
>> > 
>> > The binary is completely safe.  Besides, if any damage was to be done,
>> > you would have done it.
>> > 
>> > So, how many blocks are you "holding hostage"? 7? 8?
>> > 
>> Actually, a few thousand. :)
>So?  If you weren't intrested in participating in the effort, you shouldn't
>have started running the client in the first place.
>That's like going into a grocery store and filling you your cart, then
>before you checkout announcing that you forgot that you are boycotting the
>and that you're going to walk out of the store with your cart filled. Oh no!
>Who cares? If you're holding 3000 blocks, that's 805306368000 keys. Right
>now, we're doing 7086MK/s. The blocks that you're holding hostage could
>be recomputed in 32 seconds.  Thankyoudrivethru.

Ouch Chrissy, may i call you Chrissy, that kinda hurt!  =)  Looks like the
score goes as follows: Daniel 1, Chrissy 0 (Zero, Nothing, Big fat goose
egg, Nada, Nil, the limit of 1/x as x approaches infinity!!)  =)  I wish
that i could be as tackful as other people ar...NAH!!!!  Have a nice day,
now!  In the immortal words of my friend, "Don't let the door hit you in the
ASS on the way out!"


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