[RC5] Holding blocks hostage

Matt Steinhoff mls at audiosports.net
Tue Nov 18 11:46:56 EST 1997

> From: Chris Hodson (BFR Consultant) <cmh at fpk.hp.com>
Message-Id: <199711181452.AA156534746 at sneezy.fpk.hp.com>
> I've decided that I am not going to return any blocks until I
> can figure out what it is I am returning.  In other words, when
> bivine releases the source code, I'll release the blocks I've done.

    No offense or anything, but who cares?
    Your contribution is infinitesimal in comparison to the
keyspace. That doesn't mean that your contribution isn't
important, just that you don't have any leverage.
    You seem to indicate that you are processing the blocks
even though you are not reporting them as completed. You say
that you will report the blocks when you see the source.
    Again, who cares when you report the blocks?
    We're not even a percentage point into the keyspace.
Version Three will be released in a few months and you'll
have your source. There is little difference between you
reporting now and six months from now. (Though I can't wait
to see your stats jump. (Maybe we'll have stats six months
from now. {grin})) This is especially true since you probably
don't have the winning key anyway.
    If you were maliciously throwing away keys, I might be
able to work up enough energy to dislike your actions. As
it is, you're a non-issue.
    Hold the keys. Don't hold the keys. Whatever. Just
don't bother me with it.


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