[RC5] What's up with Stats?

Ryan Anderson ryan at michonline.com
Tue Nov 18 11:54:22 EST 1997

> >I wonder what the real story is here?
> Simply because you do not have all the facts does not mean that there is
> deception involved.  The real story is, of course, exactly what has been
> explained here several times.  I'm happy for you that your ISP has never
> been in the situation that my ISP is in.  It's also very enlightening to
> hear that if you were in my situation, you would handle it differently that
> I have.

Well, from my memories, it hasn't been well explained on this list yet.
PErhaps in #rc5, but I don't have the time to scan that continuosly for
information regarding this.

If you're feeling generous, perhaps an indepth explanation of what exactly
went wrong, especially with the server move and such, would be

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