[RC5] My head is going to explode...

steve,,, vort at resnet124.unm.edu
Tue Nov 18 13:01:25 EST 1997

> > > of you non-moron people out there cause i know that's a majority of you but
> > > how the heck is the source code exactly going to help you if someone somehow
> > > sneaked a trojan client onto the FTP site.  You would still have the code
> > > for the correct client but the one you downloaded would be the hacked
> > > version which is bent on computer domination!?!?  Tell me i'm missing
> > > something cause the problem looks really simple to me, there is none!!  
> > 
> > ...because with the source, we would be compiling our OWN clients WITH
> > that source, instead of downloading a precompiled binary?
> > 
> Oh, that's VERY logical.  I agree with you 100%..... BTW, can you send me
> the source to netscape again? I seem to have misplaced my copy.

sure, as soon as you send me the binary again for openBSD.  what he's saying 
is that source would be nice simply because instead of one team working
on porting code, we could harness the resources of this list to that end.
I'd also be curious to use some machines native compilers to build the
binaries to see if there is any speed improvement ( assuming they are using
g++/gcc , or some other non platform specific optimized compiler).  it's
not necessary, but it would be nice.  I'm not going to bitch and moan and
hold blocks 'hostage' and throw temper tantrums because i cant build my own
i'll just wait.  I do think the bovine guys are doing a great job, and that
maybe we all oughtta just ease up and realize that they are doing this in 
their spare time, if you want a right to bitch, then start paying them off.
Until then, ease up, don't take this so seriously.



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