[RC5] FPGA info

gindrup at okway.okstate.edu gindrup at okway.okstate.edu
Tue Nov 18 13:43:10 EST 1997

Went looking for FPGA developer kits, particularly after the $250 mentioned in 
those posts.  We did find some $250 kits, but they're only useful to get extra 
license seats and extend maintenance contracts for people who already have spend
the $700+ to get started.
I'm interested in FPGA, for RC5 and other projects, and have done VHDL 
programming before, as you know.  Made a CPU in VHDL once...  I'd be interested 
in getting started, but $700 is kinda steep.  Wondering if there are any cheaper
(but still usable) systems.  I think the primary cost is the software, the VHDL 
compilers and autorouters, etc.  Is there, perhaps, a set of shareware utilities
for doing this that can then download into Big and Fast Xilinx (or other good 
brands - Actel, whoever) FPGA's?
Mac Reiter
MacReiter at bigfoot.com

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