[RC5] Getting replies before your own message?

maverick maverick at ninja.techwood.org
Tue Nov 18 16:44:32 EST 1997

At 12:29 PM 11/18/97 -0600, you wrote:

>Anyone else find it amusing to get rebuttals before the original message
>gets to you?

  I will only get my post to the list back when the mail daemon on
llamas.net reaches 'n' (ninja.techwood.org).  If someone with an e-mail
domain starting with 'a' replies to my message the second they get it and
the mail que sending out my messages from a few minutes earlier has run
into a delay or has stopped to have a cigarette then the reply someone
wrote to me may get here first.  

That wasn't a very good explanation...

  I'm going to attach a message that I sent through another list a few
weeks ago when someone asked the same question.  Problems like the one you
mentioned above are going to happen on any mailing list with thousands of
accounts subscribed to it.  Maybe this will help.

--- forwarded message ---

At 02:10 PM 11/3/97 +0000, maverick wrote:

  On a listserv with as many accounts subscribed to it as this list, it
takes quite a while for the outbound mail que to empty.

  I administer a much smaller mailing list that runs off of a Debian Linux
box using Majordomo.  Majordomo keeps a listing of all subscribed accounts
listed in order of how they subscribed. (ex. - subscribers that have been
on the RC5 list since the very beginning are listed at the top and someone
just subscribing today would be at the very bottom of the list)  

(As far as I know, the only way Majordomo sends out mail is in the
following manner...if  anyone knows differently, please let me know!)

  When a message is sent through the mailing list, Majordomo will re-send
this message out to the subscribers of the list in alphabetical order of
the first letter after the '@' in their e-mail address.  For example, let's
say that the following people subscribed to a mailing list in the following

fakeuser at zebra.com
postmaster at techwood.org
maillists at smartways.com
fakeaccount at zb2.abc.com
maverick at ninja.techwood.org
sample at abc.com
listadmin at llamas.net
example at exec.microsoft.com

When Majordomo goes to send a list message back out to the subscribers
listed above, it would send it out in order of the first letter after the
'@' character.  (NOTE: This does not apply to accounts on the local domain
- anyone subscribe to the RC5 mailing list with an e-mail account at
llamas.net would get list mail before the mailer started sending it out to
remote systems)

A message coming through a list with the above subscribers would be sent
back out in this order:

listadmin at llamas.net     <localhost addresses first>
sample at abc.com
example at exec.microsoft.com
maverick at ninja.techwood.org
maillists at smartways.com
postmaster at techwood.org
fakeaccount at zb2.abc.com
fakeuser at zebra.com

  As far as I can see, this mailing list is running under Majordomo and is
sending mail out to all its subscribers using the method listed above.  In
other words, if your e-mail address has an 'a' as the first letter after
the '@' character, you are getting RC5 mail LONG before the people with the
last half of the alphabet as the first letter after the '@' character in
their e-mail address.  (My grievances to anyone with a 'z'!)

Matt Coleman <maverick>
 Nashville, Tennessee  USA

 "The nature of life is to delight in all possible loopholes. Every
  creature is in some way hacking a living by reinterpreting the rules."
					-- Kevin Kelly
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